Rag and Bone Coffee

Westminster, Central London

Being regular customers, we were asked to design a new coffee cart to better cater towards the physical requirements of the client’s pitch, but also better suited towards their evolving brand and street presence. Physical necessities which had to be included were a sink, a shoot for coffee waste, a refrigerator, counter space for the coffee machine, grinder and till as well as serving space for customers. When the cart is packed up the sides fold up which make the cart more secure, and allow the user to transport the heavy coffee machine, grinder and till without the risk of it falling from the cart. When the cart is in use, the rear side panel folds down onto the handle bars to create a table for a stool, and the side panel folds down to increase the counter depth. The structure is predominantly a powder coated steel frame and chassis with birch ply boxes, counter top and drawers on timber runners. A detachable steel framed perspects cover sits above.