Silicone Roundabout

Brick Lane, East London

A collaboration with ZAP Architecture, this was a stand/ pavilion for the digital company ‘Street Team’ at the Silicone Roundabout event at Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. As much of the company is based on connecting people, the concept behind the structure was to provide a series of tubes that were all connected and allowed people to talk through, listen and connect – despite not being able to see each other. Each connection from each side of the stand was colour coded so people could trace which ones were connected. Following ZAP’s concept drawings Risner Design developed the construction drawings before building the structure in our off site workshop, delivering it to site and installing it – all within a tight deadline. The structure is timber framed, with 2″X3″ timbers, 18mm MDF, and standard plumbing downpipes and connectors – which were all spray painted.

Our Role

  • Detailed design
  • Off site fabrication in workshop and on site installation