Make Do

Somers Town, Central London

‘MAKE DO’ was a community project created by Risner Design in collaboration with Lucia Caistor, Joel Gilbert and Sarah Milne. The objective was to reuse empty retail units in central London as temporary community spaces for social interaction and skills exchange. Funding for the project was secured through Unlimited and Camden Council.

Residents were encouraged to come in to use the space for their own needs and in return to contribute back to the Somers Town community. For example the space was used by local artists as exhibition space and in return they held life drawing and children’s art classes which were free to attend.

The project ran for two months in which time an eclectic range of different events and activities took place ranging from Somalian Poetry nights (televised on Somalian TV), a pop-up design studio, film nights, a weekly Photoshop and film making course for local kids, an historic ‘walk and talk’ study tour around Somers Town, art exhibitions and installations, bring and buy sales, children’s drawing classes and good old fashioned parties.