Freegrove Road

Islington, North London

Set in the Hilmartin Conservation area, the original flat was a 1 bed with a poor connection to the extensive rear garden and unmodernised since the 1980s. The new design includes a completely remodeled interior with all walls remove, a new green roofed infill extension and a further rear “glazed box” which protrudes beyond the original building line. The flat is now re-orientated towards the lush rear garden and much needed light has been brought into a previously dark living environment. The material palette is restrained but strong with white plaster, oak, large glazed elements (the rear glazed box and the en suite glazed wall), polished concrete and Venetian plaster work. The bamboo planting to the rear lines much of exterior glazed facade and gives a more textured light as well as additional privacy and shade. We designed, managed and built every aspect of this project as we provided the architectural services (RIBA Stages 1-7) and also acted as the main contractor.