Estorick Gallery

Islington, North London

This was a commission to redesign the garden for the Estorick Collection Gallery in Islington, North London. The Estorick Collection specialise in futurist Italian art, but also have a varied programme of community engagement, commercial and private events, as well as the gift and coffee shop on site. There were three key design drivers which shaped this proposal. As the rear of the building is used as the main entrance to the gallery, the first objective was to better connect the main entrance to the street and while improving the relationship between the garden and the fine grade II listed building, which at present is weak. Secondly we wanted was to improve the space so it could be used for a greater variety of uses, including commercial events. The design also seeks to subtly bring the art collection into the garden. We gained planning permission from Islington Council and the gallery is now in the process of fund raising.


  • ACD Environmental - Arboroculturalist
  • Martin Lipson - Heritage Consultant